Sunday, November 29, 2020

“I Confided In Owusu Bempah About My Husband Beating Me & So I Wanted To Divorce Him But Used It As A Prophecy Against Me-Afia Schwarznegger Exposes Owusu Bempah

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It;s become very obvious that Afia Schwarzenegger loves to hoodwink and in a new video, the comedienne posted on her Facebook page, she’s revealed that, Owusu Bempah is a fake man of God and that he’s just a scam who picks information from people and uses it to prophesy, making people believe that indeed such prophecies are from God.

Afia Schwarzenegger in the said video disclosed how he had tipped Owusu Bempah that Bishop Obinim was an Ewe and known as Kojo Edem only for Owusu Bempah to rush on radio the next day to declare that God had revealed to him that , Bishop Obinim was an Ewe.

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Not only that, Afia also disclosed that, she had once gone to see Owusu Bempah that his husband, aka Mr. Acid Man has been beating her and that she wants to get a divorce from him only for the man of God to use that against her by coming on radio to prophesy that her marriage was going to collapse because she had disrespected him and God was angry with her for touching his anointed.

But Afia Schwarzenegger has exposed herself again and showed how much of a ‘FAKER and a LIAR’ she is,  if we are to even believe what she’s saying, then it means she started suffering from physical abuse in 2016, before Owusu Bempah even made that prophesy.

Records show that Owusu Bempah made the said prophesy that her marriage was going to collapse in December 2016 and Afia Schwarzenegger got married to his then-husband in  South Africa in November 2016.

Afia Schwarznegger is now saying that, she confided in Owusu Bempah about suffering physical abuse in her marriage and told the prophet that she wanted to get a divorce and Owusu Bempah turned around and used that to prophesy that her marriage was going to collapse.

Now we have only two questions for Afia Schwarznegger. If she got married in November 2016 and Owusu Bempah made the prophecy in December 2017, at what time did she go to Owusu Bempah to confide in him?

If she’s been suffering physical abuse barely 3 weeks into her marriage, why did she wait up until July-August, 2017 when she was caught red handed committing an adultery?

I’m surprised she had the guts to even swear using the Bible too–Dear God just stay up in the heavens!


This twists of events is very interesting! Watch the video of her exposing herself to the world that she’s a Liar and Liars have no memory.



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