I Didn’t Like The Comfort At The School, Wanted To Hustle On My Own On The Streets–Strika Confesses In New Interview

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Ghbase.com shared a story earlier on about Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye aka Strika, one of the characters from Beasts Of No Nation begging for money on the streets. The story went viral and everyone started talking about his plight on Social media.

Moments after our story, he was interviewed on Ghone Tv, where he shared more details and how he ended up on the streets begging for money. Strika was a supporting actor in the Beasts Of No Nation, where he acted alongside Abraham Attah who was known as Agu in the movie.

From what we gathered in his interview, Strika just seems to love being on the streets as he was enrolled into a Montessori school in Cape Coast by the producers together with Abraham Attah and one other actor called Justice.

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Abraham Attah was then later taken from there and taken to the States to finish his studies there.

Strika revealed in his interview with Ghone TV that, he didn’t like the environment at the school, because the place was too comfortable for him, reason why he decided to leave the school and come hustle on the streets.

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According to him, he couldn’t understand anything that he was been taught in school, and so he decided to quit and hustle because it’s business that he wants to do and not school.

From comments, we gathered on Facebook made by Kobina Sam, the man who played the role of Agu’s father, Strika was given everything to make him comfortable but he keeps running from that comfortable lifestyle.

The producers of the movie, do not owe him any welfare after the movie, but they were kind enough to enroll him in a very good school and provide him with everything he needs, but it’s obvious Strika is a problem child himself and not ready to help himself as well.

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Asked what he wanted, Strika told Ghone that, he wants to get his 1% of the money from the revenue the movie made after it was sold to Netflix as, as he was promised that and even a contract was signed to that effect, but according to him one man known as Kwesi Robert is sitting on that money, and so he wants it so he can use it for business.

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