“I Don’t Believe God Exists, The Scientific Explanation Of Human Existence Makes More Sense”- Amber Rose

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American model and socialite Amber Rose, has revealed she doesn’t buy the idea that God created our universe, earth, or species. She also doesn’t think that Jesus died in order to atone for our sins, however, she added that she supports Buddhism.

On the “It’s Tricky” podcast, Rose said she prefers the scientific explanation of how humans came to be because it makes more sense to her. She is very clear that she is not involved with Scientology, though.

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At least to her, science and the theory of evolution are simply more reasonable. She claims to have attended church as a child, and her mother even warned her about some TV shows because they were associated with “the devil,” but as she’s become older, she claims to have more questions about religion than she has answers.

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Amber explains why Buddhism is more her style than other religions by saying that it is more philosophy than religion, which is exactly up her alley.

Kanye West and Amber Rose began dating in 2008 after Kanye first saw Amber when she appeared in Ludacris’ music video for ‘What Them Girls Like’.

Kanye dumped Rose for Kim and married the reality TV star, throwing their two-year relationship with the socialite.

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