I don’t mind going raw for $30,000 – Shugatiti reveals

Shugatiti, the well-known Ghanaian nvdist and actress has admitted that she is willing to perform completely nudely for cash.

Shugatiti revealed in an exclusive interview with Fire Lady on Asempa FM that she is unconcerned about the criticism she gets on social media because of her line of work.

She is, nonetheless, thrilled when admirers react favorably on her risqué images and videos.

Shugagatiti also revealed that she can strip down to her underwear for a sizable quantity of money, adding that she has been profiting greatly from doing so on social media.

Later, she challenged anyone who could call her out on it to wager $30,000 and, if successful, she would strip off completely during a Facebook live to collect the prize.


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