Tuesday, December 1, 2020

I Found Out Kaakie Had Left My Record Label In A Whatsapp Group Same Day I Was Working On A Deal For Her-JMJ Finally Speaks On The Issue

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Sometime in August, dancehall musician, Kaakie announced her exit from the record label she had been on for 6 years, with reasons that she didn’t like the way things were been handled there.

The dancehall artiste in a post she made on Instagram announcing her exit, said that she signed the contract at a time that she was young and didn’t know what she was signing, so when she later realised most of the things did not favour her, she asked for changes to be made but was not paid heed to. Read that story here.

Well, at the time she made that revelation on social media website Instagram, her management did not speak on the issue but now the CEO of the record label Xtra Large Music, JMJ has come out to explain what happened, adding that, Kaakie just wasted their investment.

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Jay Master Jay (JMJ) disclosed to Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM’s ‘Showbiz Agenda’ that Kaakie announced her intention to stop working with them in the record label’s WhatsApp group and that at the time that he found out he was even working on a deal for her.

“I was at one agency’s office trying to get a deal on her behalf and a management member asked me to get into the XLM WhatsApp group. I checked and noticed that the very thing you guys saw on Instagram had been screenshot and put in the group. When she put it in there, she exited. She hadn’t complained about anything but if you’re smart, you should foresee things,”

JMJ added that, he’s learned his lessons.

“Everything that happened was very good. One thing that I’ve learned this year is, there are no mistakes; everything is a lesson. What is coming next year is on another level from my side. What happened gave me chance to focus on myself. Managing an artiste means you have to live the life of the artiste, everything is about your artiste so all of a sudden I woke up and wow, I’ve a life to live. Any good manager, your artiste should be bigger than you that’s the standard and if you’re bigger than your artiste, it means you are investing yourself more than your brand…Your brand should be popular and bigger than you. What I noticed is that there is more to me than just managing an artiste. I’m a producer, I’m into audio-visual but all came to a halt because I had to focus on an artiste so now what is happening is, I’m trying to allow the other talents and space in me grow so that as a brand on my own is also well taken care of even if I should have an artiste,” JMJ told show host, Sammy Flex.

When he was asked if he feels the time he spent working on Kaakie was a wasted investment, he replied “Yes and No… Yes because as we all know our industry is growing so most of the time the investment you do into artistes, sometimes if you are lucky, will break even but as in doing business and making profit is questionable. Yes, because she was a success story and anybody who start something…there are a lot of females or artistes who have been doing this business for almost ten years and they don’t even have a hit and they’ve broken even. The African continent and the world doesn’t even recognize them so even if you’ve been able to achieve that, it’s something worth praising…it was worth it.”

He however described Kaakie as a “wagon of talent” and wished her well in her endeavors.

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