I Have Never Used Illegal Money, So Stop Asking Me Such Questions – Medikal Fumes

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Samuel Adu Frimpong, widely known as AMG Medikal is a Ghanaian rapper who is characterized by his lavish living and luxurious lifestyle. Although a lot of concerns have been raised about the true source of his money, he has been tight-lipped up until recently.

Over the course of a recent beef with fellow rapper, Teephlow, it was alleged that Medikal gets his money from illegal sources and not from his music career.

Following the recent rumors that the FBI is on the lookout to arrest ‘fraud boys’, most people seem to be walking on eggshells when it comes to how they make their money.

Therefore, it is no surprise that the rapper felt the need to defend himself.

“Honestly, my whole life, I’ve never touched fraud money before. All my flashy lifestyle is from music. I recently went to America. All my ticket fees were paid from my Tunecore account, that’s from music.”, AMG Medikal said.

“I want every youth to understand that you can make money genuinely from music, from shows, not shows alone but brand endorsement etc.,” he further stated.

Out of irritation of being asked severally about his involvement in fraud perhaps, he said that he would walk out of a media interview the next time he is asked such questions.

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Source: Celebrities Buzz

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