I Lied When I Said Medikal Tried To Rape Me, I Was Just Joking–Akuapem Poloo Retracts

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The Queen of Disappointments in Ghana, Rosemond Brown aka Akaupem Poloo has withdrawn her allegations against Sister Debbie’s boyfriend, Medikal that he tried raping her when they met in a club for a pre-party for the Ghana Meets Naija.

Akuapem Poloo had accused the musician of trying to rape her in one of her videos and in that video, she warned Medikal to desist from such beahviours and stick to her girlfriend, Deborah Vanessa but now she’s saying that she said all that for the fun of it and that nothing of that sort happpened.

After those wild allegations, Medikal also disclosed in an interview that he had recieved “10 million” calls from people asking him if the accusation by Rosemond was true and asked that Akuapem Poloo come out and apologise to him for defaming his brand.

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Rosemond in a fresh interview with Neat FM on Monday on their ‘Entertainment Ghana’ apologised and said that, she only said that for the fun of it and that she meant no harm. She said she’s known for making such videos off-the-cuff and she decided to make one for Medikal just so he can trend.

Oh, Rosemond Brown; I’ve been watching your videos each and every day, five times a day before I sleep. And I said oh really. And I told him that I will give him a video” she quoted from their conversation, adding that Medikal is “aware that I will do a video for him but he didn’t know what I was going to say in the video…So, I said that I don’t love you, Medikal. I beg you to stay with Sister Deborah. If I hadn’t gone out of SOHO, you would have raped me”.

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Akuapem Poloo further said that she doesn’t “think” before doing her videos and so without forethought recorded herself accusing Medikal of attempting to rape her at SOHO bar where they met prior to the Ghana Meets Naija which came off over the weekend at the Fantasy Dome, Trade Fair in Accra.

She stated that she was only joking and didn’t mean her words, that everything she claimed Medikal did or attempted to do was mere rhetoric and untrue.

I just stand up and do the video, and I do a trending one. I can be with you right now and when I do it, you would think I am mad” she noted.

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To her, “it is just a joke and he knows that it is a joke. And I informed him before doing the video” and so is asking Ghanaians to ignore her claims.