Thursday, November 26, 2020

‘I Love Weed-Tea’- Singer Iona Confesses

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Up and coming singer Iona has admitted that she takes tea laced with weed and that’s something she really loves very much.

The songstress, who specializes in highlife and afro-pop told BrownghTV that the ‘perfect’ concoction should be legalized as it tastes good and and has a lot of health benefits.

She has therefore called for the legalisation of weed so all persons would harness its immense health benefits.

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Although Iona denied smoking the hard drug, she admitted that she enjoys the ‘weed’ tea and uses the ‘herbs’ to cook.

‘Weed is very good, It is medicinal. Weed should be legalized. I don’t smoke but I use the herbs for my hair. I cook with it some times. I love tea.” Iona told First Lady of Browngh TV.

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