Wednesday, December 2, 2020

“I Need A Boyfriend Who Can Eat Me Like Gorb3 (Beans)”-Some Ridiculous Posts From Akosua Sika, Facebook Girl Who Was Beaten

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So we shared with you a story of a Facebook girl known as Akosua Sika who was physically assaulted by some girl after her boyfriend set her up, in a bid to prove his faithfulness to her. Go here to read if you missed that gist.

We also reported that some new evidence sort of suggested that the girl who was beaten (Akosua Sika) has a boyfriend and according to Criss Waddle, the girl is his friend’s serious girlfriend and that he takes care of her very well and is surprised she had to go to another guy’s house to beg for food.

Akosua Sika–Fine Girl

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So who’s this girl we’ve come to known as Akosu Sika, that’s trending all over Social media like some celebrity?

Well, we don’t know much about her but her posts on Facebook would give you an idea on her personality.

So this time when she posted that she wanted a boyfriend who can chop her like beans.


This post cracked us up–Youthful exuberance


She went through hell and got slapped in hell

Akosua Sika You Do All

Yes, when she wants that d!ck, she goes for it

🔥‘ I started seeing and talking to Sp!r!ts at age7 & visit my family in the sea-Popular Ghanaian singer 👇🏿

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