“I regret keeping my virginity till age 27″– Lady explains why being modest is a scam

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"I regret keeping my virginity till age 27"– Lady explains why being modest is a scam

Michelle is a lady who says she regrets keeping herself modest, clean and free from all sexually-related activities until she turned 27.

According to her, there is nothing special about a lady’s decision to stay clean and keep her virginity until a later time. Per her reasoning and experience, whether a lady chooses to show her cleavage or not she will still be up for disrespect.

Michelle said she was very modest and even had to wait till age 25 to have her first kiss but that did not make her any special. According to her, ladies should be free to explore their bodies and be proud of who they are.

Her comments come on the back of the social media craze [#silhouettechallenge] where some ladies are flaunting their bodies under the disguise of red light. Michelle believes no one should blame ladies for joining the challenge since ladies who decide not to partake are not better than those in it.

She wrote:

Religious for majority of my life. Had my 1st kiss at 25. Lost my virginity at 27. Not the most openly sexual person and used to be scared to even post a pic with cleavage. And guess what… mf’s still disrespected me. So tell me again how being modest will make a man respect me?

The point is women get disrespected and harassed for literally anything. My actions whether I use to abstain or choose to participate in certain things clearly doesn’t matter to these predator ass mf’s. Stop blaming women for their actions.

I don’t owe nobody shit. But y’all be so quick to judge somebody. Mind ya fuckin business, don’t be a dick, and keep it pushing.

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