‘I Respect You But Why Bully Him On Air When You Are Not God ‘ -Actress Gloria Sarfo Defends Joint 77 Over Shatta Wale’s Rants On Radio

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Actress Gloria Sarfo has jumped to the defense of Joint 77 after Shatta Wale blasted him in a live radio interview on Hitz Fm.

According to Gloria, although she respects Shatta Wale’s craft, she feels the musician went overboard with how he spoke on radio and has asked him to ‘HOLD IT RIGHT THERE’ as he’s not God to be the only one to make someone a star.

Joint 77 who was a militant and one of the acts featured on Shatta’s hit song ‘Taking Over’ was in the studios of Hitz Fm today to promote his new song but he was also made to address rumours of why he was kicked out and all that after he had narrated his version of what happened, Shatta Wale was also phoned in to share his side of the story.

Shatta Wale was pissed off at the many things Joint 77 said, like where he said, the money Wale gives him, wasn’t enough reason why he couldn’t maintain a house Shatta left in his care.

‘I Respect You But Why Bully Him On Air When You Are Not God ‘ -Actress Gloria Sarfo Defends Joint 77 Over Shatta Wale’s Rants On Radio

Also, Shatta Wale narrated how, Joint 77 had lied to them about an award plague he came for to use for a photoshoot only for him to later discover, he was using it to build his case to apply for a Visa to the States and Joint 77 didn’t deem it necessary to tell him.

Well, there were lots of things, that was sad and he threatened to even take back a car he bought him, you can watch all of that in our story here on our Youtube Channel.

So it’s these rants made by Shatta who was obviously angry that’s pushed Gloria Sarfo to share her thoughts on the matter and has decided to side with Joint 77.

She wrote on her Instagram page;

Please Shatta Please, I respect you and your craft, BUT HOLD IT RIGHT THERE✋
Even his first single he’s promoting on HITZ FM at the moment, it’s all about you, hailing you in that song🙄
So why bully him on air why????🤦‍♀️🙄🤦‍♀️
#ITISWELL🙏 @melvin_joint
Love you bro ❤ Soar higher 🙌 You were born a star….God’s got you👌💯

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