I take 14 sachets of K20 whiskey every single day – Man says as he asks for help

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A Ghanaian man is seeking help online after he opened up about his alcohol addiction which he says is ruining him in all facets.

The unnamed man revealed he consumes a whopping 14 sachets of K20 whiskey every day and it’s killing him. His full which has since generated much buzz online read.

“Hmmm.. my acholohic addiction is ruining my life. I am a young man with a good paying paying job but alcohol is ruining my life.

I can’t keep a relationship, I don’t keep good personal hygiene. Always I have the urge to drink.

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People who use to mingle with me don’t even want to get close to me. I take 14 sachets of K20 a day. It is also draining me financially as I can’t save. I don’t know what to do”

Some reactions the post got are;

Matilda Katsi – Hmmmmmm u first have to discipline yourself and add prayers to it. The good thing is u have recognize your problem and ready to look for solution. It is well with u, it remember u in my prayers.

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Abyna Elsie – Please go for rehabilitation at any of the psychiatric hospitals
Accra psychiatry located in Accra
Ankaful located in Cape Coast
Pantang located in Accra for detoxification and rehabilitation back to your normal self before that make sure you are determined to stop.
Add prayers as well, all the best

Adelaide Brown – Every addiction in under the control of Jesus. Let’s join our voices in prayer on Alpha hour midnight prayer with pastor Agyeman Elvis and let’s testify of God’s power over your problem.You can dm me, I’m ready to call you every midnight to join.

Obaa Nie – Remember ur kidneys whenever u take de drink to ur mouth….
If u are an alcoholic, it easy for pipo to eliminate u..
Since u have been able to identify ur problem, my dear u can quit..
Agya Armah herbal can also be of help…

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MisAqosuwa Afriyie – Only God can help you dear…. Find a Bible believing Church and attend….with prayer and the teaching of the word…you will be free 🙏🙏🤣🙏… sometimes 3y3 Wani aaaah…but God will do it🙏🙏🙏


  1. I feel your painy brother, but there is a lot of hope for you. There is joy, peace and happiness ahead of you, that you can’t imagine
    Call or WhatsApp 0233803432 ASAP. Like I know how it feels. Trust me, I do


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