I was forced to play the role of a fetish priest instead of a security guard- Komfo Kolegae recounts the beginning of his stereotypical character

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Collins Oteng, aka Komfo Kolegae has revealed that he was never interested in playing the part of his stereotypical fetish priest role in movies but fate had other plans for him.

In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, the Kumawood actor confessed that he had previously avoided the interpretation of the okomfo character because he was afraid of the alleged unfavourable result.

He said when he sought to break into the mainstream with his first ever appearance on set, he opted for the role of a ‘watchman’ but the director assigned a different role to him.

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He mentioned that he made sacrifices and fought his fears with the character and by design, it turned out to be the magic that turned his fortunes around as an actor.

“I was forced to play the role of a fetish priest instead of a security guard, which I found difficult at the time. I allowed my fears to mask my abilities but the director insisted and I had no choice but to do it.

“As fate will have it, that role shot me to fame with very positive feedback and that encouraged me to major in such roles leading to my now showbiz name, Komfo Kolegae.

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“It has become a brand name no one can ever take away from me and I’m so happy I overcame my fears, which is paying off now,” he said.

He insisted that the claims that his role as a fetish priest might have unfavourable effects were just fiction and that his acting was not intended to damage the reputation of any faith or belief.

“I don’t do it to mock people who associate themselves with traditional beliefs. All I know is that it is drama and I have to deliver. As an actor, I have a responsibility to play the character that has been assigned to me, and I am aware this requires me to be dynamic”, he added.

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While many believed that the tragic loss would have a significant negative impact on the actor’s career, Komfo Kolegae characterized the tragic loss as a phase of life after the actor lost his wife and infant due to complications during labour in November 2022.

 “It has never been easy, but I’m doing my best, and the only thing I can do is to keep myself busy to forget the sufferings. I’m back working full time and even on set”, he said.


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