I was once a millionaire, now I beg for food- 50year old Kenyan woman shares sad story

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A 50-year-old Kenyan woman named Dorcas Kagendo who was formerly a millionaire has turned into a pauper and now resorts to begging on the street.

As an office administrator, Dorcas became wealthy in her 30s and acquired homes and fleets of vehicles, but she lost everything when a terrible catastrophe occurred.

When questioned how she lost her entire fortune, Dorcas replied that her issues began when she accepted a job overseas. To begin working on the job, she had to go to Saudi Arabia.

She had to fly to Saudi Arabia to leave her kid with someone, but she got sick soon after starting her new job.

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She began to experience various illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, and lung issues.

During her interview, the specifics of the position were kept a secret. But when she got back home, she disposed of all of her assets.

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