I Was Taking Care Of Him, His Daughter And Mother – Afia Shwarzenegger Jabs And Descends On Nana Tornado

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Queen Afia Shwarzenegger, has descended on Nana Tonardo, regarding his recent accusations and allegations against her about her father.

Yesterday, Nana Tonardo and Mzbel, both former friends of Afia Shwarzenegger, went on Instagram live and spilt out lot of ill things about the comedienne and her father.

According to Nana Tornado, Afia was ashamed of her father, hence not being able to post him, but rather often posting her mother’s boyfriend as her father and also, that she wasn’t taking care of her dad and the 82 year old man had to go and be an attendant at a drug store before he could eat.

He went on and on making several revelations and allegations, however this caused a reaction from Afia which saw her posting her father in batches on Instagram.

Under one of the posts, a fan came out asking her, why is it that the two were saying she couldn’t post her father and that she was not taking care of him.

Afia replying to the fan said he took care of him, his daughter and mother, where she was referring to Tonardo and added that she takes care of orphans why abandon her family and went ahead to say both Tonardo and Mzbel were bitter because she said she was no longer going to be friends with them.

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