“I will repeat my clothes, I don’t care if I’ve worn them before, laugh at me all you want” – Rema rants on his birthday

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Nigerian singer, Divine Ikubor, known professionally as Rema, on his 21st birthday has gone berserk on Twitter and ranting about how far he has come and why he does not live to please anyone.

In a series of tweets, Rema has sought to put it across harshly and emphatically that he is self-made and will not kowtow to the dictates of anyone neither will he succumb to bogus societal norms.

He used the opportunity to speak about how people-pleasing is the first step anyone would want to take towards success. Rema advised individuals and himself to refrain from living to please people.

He insisted that he would not be perturbed by the decision to repeat clothes even when people think he has enough money to purchase more clothes.

Amongst other things, Rema has tolled the lane of Kanye West and sent stray bullets the way of his competitors and everybody in-between.

Rema Has Been Tweeting The Following:

“My Birthday wish is Good health, that’s all I need to conquer the whole world. Thank you GOD!”

“I pray the fans realize the treasures they have and focus on preserving them instead of turning them against each other. We will all die and leave this money and fame behind with no one left for you to STAN! Let love reign now before it’s too late!”

“Photographers stop editing my pimples so people don’t feel I’m perfect and start pressuring themselves to have perfect skin! I don’t fuck with the rules of the game, I don’t care what people think about me anymore! let people love me for me!”

“Too many youths depressed and committing suicide because they want to be rich and famous early, pressuring yourself because if you’re not a success early you’re not a success at all! Be patient! Not everybody with money is HAPPY!”

“His lyrics are childish” Yes! I’m young fucking let me grow, if I start spitting all the bars now what will spit when I’m 30 years old, I barely write music let me have a collection of experiences and chat real shit from my heart! Many niggas sing about shit they don’t do!”

“I swear I just wanna love one girl and move on. I don’t wanna fuck around with too many girls, violating my energy and breeding disrespect because of sex, This dick is GOLDEN how bout that!”

“How will an OG win awards one year and because he don’t win the awards the next year they say he’s falling off? Why? For not doing what he already done? That’s stupid. Niggas listen to that shit and kill themselves in the studio trying to prove what they already proved! Wake up!”

“I will repeat my clothes, I don’t care if I’ve worn it before, laugh at me all you want I bought it with my hard earned money, I’m rich you’re not and you’re judging me? Lol some of your favs are owing they stylist and that’s FACTS!”

“Producers don’t get enough credit, they are the backbone to any HIT song! At least give them the right royalty & publishing percentage, y’all niggas forgetting who took y’all vocals fr? y’all selfish. Yo let them eat! I give my producers what they deserve and that’s FACTS!”

“I have not FEATURED any artist in my Career. I am where I am today because of GOD, his Grace and his favor covers me, therefore I shall lick no ass. I don’t need cult or security for protection who wan fight me make he come Angel Micheal dey my gate! Rema chapter 2:1”

“”Let’s share the Grace, the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit rest and abide with us now & forever more Amen.


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