I Will Rule Ghana With Only 60 Ministers When Voted Back Into Power – John Dramani Promises

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John Dramani Mahama, a former president of Ghana, is a flagbearer candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC). If elected in the general elections of 2024, he has pledged to run a lean administration.

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Should Ghanaians grant him the nod, he promised to use a total of sixty (60) Ministers and deputies.
“In our fourth republic, I will form and run the smallest but most effective government. We’ll drastically cut back on the size of the government. Less than sixty (60) ministers and deputy ministers of state will make up my government, as I stated in my Ghana We Want speech at UPSA late last year.

Additionally, Mr. Mahama pledged to investigate the use of Covid-19 monies and guarantee proper accountability for all public funds.

My fellow citizens, it is past time for Ghanaians to demand full accountability from those they choose to hold public office. Only a new political party in power will be able to bring about this accountability. I pledge to the people of Ghana that I will look into how public funds were used, including the results of the Covid-19 Audit and the findings from earlier Auditor-General reports.

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“We must purge the filth and corruption from the Augean stables. The anti-corruption team will have unrestricted room to work. The dreaded “clearing agent’s” days will finally come to an end.


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