Ibrah One Again! Looking For Attention Or He’s Really Serious This Time Around? Mocks Nana Appiah Mensah After BoG Warning

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Ibrah is at it again! The young man who is known for flaunting his luxury on Social media has decided to ‘attack’ Nana Appiah Mensah again but this time around, we are hoping he’s not doing it for hype or having any psychological problem.

Recall some months ago, when news when viral that he had been arrested, Ibrah One mentioned lots of names on Social media, threatening them to speak up or do something else he was going to expose them but in an exclusive interview with Joy Prime, he disclosed that he did it all just for the ‘HYPE’ and even had the guts to blame bloggers for not distinguishing between when he’s making a joke and when he’s been serious—Yeah, watch that interview here.

Ibrah has decided to wade into another controversy again by mocking Nana Appiah Mensah and his issue with Bank Of Ghana. Earlier today, the Central bank issued a public notice that one of his companies, Menzgold is not licensed to take deposits and that the public should stop dealing with the company.

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It seems Ibrah One knows Nana Appiah more than we do and in posts, he put up on Instagram, he questioned why Nana Appiah Mensah pays that much interest to those who invest in his company. Ibrah one suggested that Nana Appiah’s business was not legit and that, he can only fool the whole Ghana but not him.

He also added that he would make a statement soon on Nana Appiah Mensah. Judging from what Ibrah said about some people in the past and only chickened out when the heat was getting too much for him, we would take his accusations as perhaps a strategy to just get some attention.

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See the screenshots he made below:



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