ICGC & Action Chapel Are Deceptive Churches – Kwame A Plus

Controversial artiste cum comedian, Kwame A Plus has debunked claims that he does not believe in the existence of God.


In giving clarity to his beliefs and disbelieves, he indicated that he believes in the existence of God who created man but has nothing to do with the so called religion. Simply put, religion to him is the worse thing that happened to the world.


In a post on Facebook, he said “My notice has been drawn to a publication about some Ghanaians who don’t believe in God which includes me. How? Let me make this very clear. Not being religious is totally different from not believing in God. People have created their own fake Adam and Eve and snake story around God to manipulate people and take their money”.


He said most churches in the country have become money making ventures where Pastors “deceive” their followers and congregants in order to receive monies from them.


“99% of the churches you see around is just a money making venture. ICGC, Action Chapel etc know the mindset of the elite/literate and have come up with strategies to take from them. Obinim goes for the masses…. mostly illiterates. The common purpose is to take money from people”.


He could not fathom why members of a church will pay their tithe and the same money will be used establish Universities but will be disallowed from writing exams when they are unable to pay their school fees.


He said: “. That is why you pay your tithe, the church uses it to build a university but you are not allowed to write exams for non payment of fees and you still pay tithe hoping that God will give you money to pay fees. You are fooling yourself my friend!!!”


He reminded the world that he believes in the existence of God but only has a problem with religion.


“You choose what to believe, I respect that. This is A free world. Just believe. As for me, I am not religious. Religion to me is the worse thing that happened to the world but There is A God!!!.”


Check out the screenshot of the aforementioned post below: