If A Married Man Is Foolish Enough To Ask You Out, Be Wise Enough To Decline – Victoria Lebene

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For the past few days, popular blogger Eugene Osafo Nkansah and his wife Victoria Lebene has been trending after TV presenter cum mental health advocate Abena Korkor mentioned him as one of the men she hooked up with.

In a video exposé Abena Korkor posted on her Instagram page, Eugene otherwise known as Nkonkonsah Gh has been flooding her dm with proposals to come and “chop” her to which she has denied.

She added that even though she didn’t have intercourse with Eugene, he was the best when it came to oral sex and she always enjoyed their session together.

Abena Korkor however went ahead and apologized to Eugene and his wife adding that she was experiencing one of her manic episodes as a “bipolar disorder” patient.

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Reacting to this, Eugene who was trying to prove to his wife (Victoria Lebene) that he was innocent shared Abena Korkor’s apology on live radio during an entertainment show on Peace FM. This infuriated Abena Korkor who decided to share a screenshot of all their chats together where he said he wanted to come and lick her.

Well, ghbase.com has come across a screenshot of Victoria Lebene (which has been deleted ) where she stated that young single women should decline the proposals of foolish married men.

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See her post below;


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