“If he doesn’t call you call him, men don’t manufacture airtime” – Lady to Ghana ladies (+ screenshot

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Most ladies around the world especially Ghanaian ladies have some weird principles in mind and only God knows who have fed their minds with those principles.

Most of these ladies believe that it’s only a man who calls via phone in a relationship. Consequently, if the man fails to call, it means he’s either broke, stingy or uncaring.

In worse cases, a man would buy airtime for a lady but that lady won’t use even a pesewa of that airtime to call the guy who bought it for her. On top of it all, she’ll still be expecting the guy to call her.

Well, a ‘sensible’ lady identified on Twitter as Nnedi has a perfect advise for the ladies who are found of doing this. She wrote:

“Girls, if he doesn’t call you.. Call him, Men don’t manufacture Airtime”

We hope our dear ladies take note and repent immediately from this mentality all other things being equal.

Check out screenshot below:

Call him if doesn’t call


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