“If married men choose to become faithful to their wives, most women will die of hunger”– Lady

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"If married men choose to become faithful to their wives, most women will die of hunger"– Lady

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I trust you are also laughing right now. Hahahahahahahahahaha! This assertion by this lady is completely hilarious depending on how you look at it.

There is certainly some bit of truth in what she wrote but the part that has left me (and perhaps you) in stitches is the part that says: “…will die of hunger.” 

Why will most women die of hunger if married men decide to stay faithful to their wives? Does it mean most women solely rely on men for basically everything they need including food?

This is just wonderful. Tweeting with the handle @rutiie_xx, this lady believes most women are so tied to the apron strings of men and especially married men that they are ready to play a second fiddle in order to get something to eat.

Should the men decide to be loyal and focus their attention on their wives and eschew promiscuous lifestyle, these women will starve to death. By now, one of these women is praying: “Oh Lord, please do not allow that man to change his mind. Continue to make him focus his attention on me so I can get something to eat at least.”

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh my oh my! This view will certainly embolden these men to continue with their promiscuous lifestyle, at least, since they do not want to be the reason why someone starves to death.

Wendy Shay will say, ”Ghana Wake Up!” But I will say, if you are that kind of woman, “Wake Up!”

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