Tuesday, November 24, 2020

If you don’t wear a face mask, you could be charged Ghc60,000 or go to jail for 10 years

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Refusing to ear a face mask in public is now punishable by law and people found guilty of this new offense could go to prison for 4-10 years or be fined Ghc12,000 t0 Ghc60,000.

This has been stated in a new Executive Instrument (E.I 164) signed by Akufo Addo, President of Ghana as part of strategies to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Parts of the report on Graphic Online reads:

Per E.I. 164, which was gazetted on Monday, June 15, which Graphic Online has seen, the mandatory wearing of face masks shall be in force for three months and shall apply to all parts of Ghana.

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The E.I. was issued by the President pursuant to the powers granted him under the Imposition of Restrictions Act, 2020 (Act 1012). It was


The new E.I. makes it mandatory for people to “wear face masks, face shields or any other face covering that covers his or her nose and mouth completely when the person is in public or leaving or returning to his place of abode.”

Section 4 (1) of the E.I. 164 states that the police have the authority to make random checks to “ensure enforcement compliance”

A Ghanaian wearing a facemask (Photo Credit: mawusiclothing, Instagram)
A Ghanaian wearing a facemask (Photo Credit: mawusiclothing, Instagram)

According to Section 4(2) of E.I 164, any person who fails to comply with the mandatory wearing of nose masks shall be punished in accordance with Section 6 of Act 1012.

Per Section 6 of Act 1012, “a person who fails to comply with the restrictions imposed under the Executive Instrument issued under subsection 1 of Section 2 commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not less than 1,000 penalty unit (Gh¢12,000) and not more than 5,000 penalty units (Gh¢ 60,000) or to a term of imprisonment not less than four years and not more than 10 years or to both.”

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