If you have any problem don’t talk to God about it but Adam – Duncan Williams

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Archbishop Duncan Williams might soon end up on Twitter after he was sighted in a video explaining vividly about why no one should talk to God about their problem but rather talk to Adam about it.

Adam has for long been touted as the originator of sin and has often been blamed for the hardship mankind is facing.

According to the Archbishop in an Instagram live video, the earth is not governed by God but by the devil.

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He quoted and explained that in Luke 4:5-6, ” Satan said, This world was given onto me by Adam, so if anyone has a problem he should not talk to God about it but to Adam.

He further explained that anybody who has a problem should ask Adam why God Gave him the earth and committed high treason by listening to his wife who listened to the serpent and seeded the earth to Satan.

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To the Bishop, all bad things happening in the world like coronavirus outbreak is not from God but happens because of Adam’ sins.

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