“I’m going to set up media house that will play only Ghana music” – Rapper DBlack

Ghanaian rapper and music producer Desmond Blackmore aka DBlack has promised to set up a media house that plays only Ghana music.

According to the Black Avenue Muziq CEO, he is looking forward to setting up a radio and a television station in Ghana where 90 per cent of the music played must come from Ghana.

Revealing this brilliant idea in a tweet, DBlack said this media house will be tasked to play Hip-hop, Afrobeats, dancehall & urban music that resonate with Ghanaians and Africans at large.

Gonna invest in a Radio & TV Station dedicated to Hiphop, Afrobeats , dancehall & urban music from Ghana only !!90% our music !!!

Ghanaian artistes have been pushing for an end to the infiltration of other music genres that have dominated the airwaves.

They have always said Ghanaian media houses give priority to Nigerian music and in effect are destroying the talents and works of local artists.




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