I’m part of top management in an estate company but my pay is just ₵700- Frustrated Ghanaian man tells reporter

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A man is utterly upset that his position in a top company is not directly proportional to his remuneration.

During a random street quiz conducted by a reporter, he interviewed a young man who said despite working for a prestigious Real Estate company in Ghana and even belonging to the management team, he takes a meagre ₵700.

He said he intends to buy an iPhone 7s which is presently priced at ₵2,500 but with the kind of salary he gets each month, he thinks it will take him months before achieving his objective.

According to him, a friend gifted him some money, and he also has an amount saved up but he could still not raise ₵2,500 to buy his favourite smartphone. The video below has all the details.

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Likewise, another instance that the best way to make it in this life is to leave this failed system instituted by greedy politicians in our part of the world has been shared on the social media platform LinkedIn.

It’s the story of a young Ghanaian young lady named Shamima Nyamekye who started making it big in Canada right after leaving the shores of Ghana to better her life.

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Shamima made a post where she was counting her blessings in preparation for her birthday scheduled for this August when she will turn 22 years old.

As deduced from her post, she has been able to purchase her first vehicle, a 2022 Elantra, Ultimate Tech Trim.

“The first half of 2022, has been nothing short of incredible. To top it all off is this beauty right here – The 2022 Elantra, Ultimate Tech Trim. As I turn 22 next month, I am excited to share an achievement that isn’t exactly professional but very personal. First cars are an important milestone.”

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