“I’m The Most Genuine And Honest Person You’d Find Anywhere, But This Works Against Me A Lot Of Times” –DJ Cuppy Says

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

Honest and genuine people often get mistreated sometimes and one can’t just fathom why it happens that way.

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The latest to lament this ordeal or mistreatment is the billionaire daughter and singer, DJ Cuppy.

In an Instagram post, DJ Cuppy said that she is one of the upfront honest and genuine people out there, her kind, so rare to find anywhere.

She followed that up with the assertion that her honesty and genuineness often works against her most of the time.

It is the case with most honest and genuine people out there because people often mistake their genuineness and honesty for some weakness and thereby take them for granted.

Honest and Genuine DJ Cuppy

This is the reason you hardly find people who are honest and genuine, and the few that are genuine, often have to do a lot to convince people that they actually are genuine.

DJ Cuppy has had her issues recently with claims that she featured certain people on her music track and refused to pay them a penny.

There have been apologies from people who have levelled all these allegations against her.

It is not unclear if this is in response to all these things that have happened the past month.

Generally, this is something a lot of people have been dealing with.

Below is the post by DJ Cuppy;

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