I’m the one feeding you, I’m even here to borrow money for you- Lady goes haywire as she rejects boyfriend’s proposal in banking hall- Watch

A brief drama rolled out in a banking hall recently when a lady snubbed her boyfriend as she turns down his proposal in the full glare of other customers of the unnamed bank.

The young man who deserved what happened to him, surprised the lady and everyone around when he spontaneously went down on one knee and proposed to her while holding a ring.

However, an unexpected drama unfolded as the lady rejected the proposal claiming she’s the one who feeds him in their relationship hence there’s no way he could take care of her when they marry.

She even went on to say she was at the bank to withdraw money to give to him meanwhile he’s playing the ‘lover boy’ protagonist in front of everyone when the arrow of reality on the ground is pointing in the opposite direction.

Although onlookers asked her to accept his proposal to save his broke ass from the shame encircling him, the defiant lady was adamant and asked him to respect himself. Watch the video below;


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