“I’m worried about the political tension in the country” – Wanlov

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"I'm worried about the political tension in the country" – Wanlov

As the political season takes shape, the tension in the country keeps rising and the worry of Ghana musician Wanlov the Kubolor is on the ascendency.

Speaking in an interview with Citi TV, Wanlov said aside the tense political atmosphere in the country which the politicians have created and fuelling, he does not think he will ever meddle in partisan politics.

According to him, should any party ever approach him to campaign for them, he will humbly decline the request.

The level of violence and political tension in the this country gets me very worried, he calmly said.

Several celebrities have thrown their weights behind their preferred political party, predominatly the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC).

After the manifesto launch by these two parties, their political actors have been at each other’s neck with an undying desire to sell their message to the citizenry and rubbish the promises of each other.

All these activities, when Wanlov the Kubolor thinks about, certainly gives him sleepless nights.


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