Imprisoning people for using marijuana a ‘waste of life’ – Reggie Rockstone

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Reggie Rockstone, a hip-hop superstar, thinks the government should explore legalizing marijuana for public usage rather than prosecuting users.

Rather than criminalizing the substance, he believes the government should consider the income it may bring.

He noted that banning the substance’s recreational usage is not the greatest strategy to deter adolescents from using it.

Reggie said this on Asaase Radio on April 21. He said that decriminalizing marijuana has always been his position.

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The wealthy get away with BS in our nation, we all know. No time if you come from a ‘good background’ and are caught with ganja.

“But the kids in the ghettos and hoods – they beat them up. You’re building your own monsters, since these kids will return, and their encounters with you will be different.

“They come back with that balaclava into your home because you, the law, and the nation wronged them. People are incarcerated for years for marijuana use. It’s pointless. Besides, we may now make money with marijuana… Got all sorts of drugs?”


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