Influencer, Zoe Msutwana mocked for framing Kim Kardashian’s tweet reply

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There’s no doubt that The Kardashians are one of the most celebrated families in the world and have accumulated wealth and a name for themselves through their popular reality show.

The show, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians,’ has numerous viewers, and South African Influencer, Zoe Msutwana has admitted to being a proud fan of the show.

However, Zoe is being mocked for her fascination with the high-profile family by fellow South Africans on social media.

She was recently dragged for framing a tweet reply she received from Kim Kardashian on a popular micro-blogging site, Twitter.

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She framed the tweet that dates back to 2018 after she showered praises on the Kardashian family and as the show family comes to an end she took to her Instagram story to revealed that she has framed the Kim Kardashian tweet reply.

Zoe Msutwana tweeted, “Following and supporting the Kardashians for over 10 years has been such a thrilling ride! The highs have been really high, and the lows, really low. But man, I’m so proud of these Queen Bosses! Trust me, I’ve been taking notes”.

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Kim Kardashian spotted the tweet and replied, “Thank you! We love you”

Well, Zoe Msutwana has received backlash from folks on the digital space for taking things too far to the extent of framing the tweet reply of Kim K.

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Zoe responding to her tweet shared by a blogger, Musa Khawula she wrote, “Studied the Kardashians for 10 years, gotta frame it like a degree”

Tweeps came through with their comments….

“What an achievement shame, I’m happy for her”

“Highlight of her life…from 2018”

“It’s giving grouping vibes?

“Manje? She framed it for the dining room!”


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