The Influx of Telenovelas is Giving Me Headache – Yvonne Okoro

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The cry of Ghanaian actors, actresses and movie producers in recent times have been geared towards the influx of Telenovelas in which some stakeholders believe it’s killing our movie industry.


Not long ago, a section of Kumawood actors, actresses and producers organized a demonstration using placards with touching inscriptions appealing to the government to come to their aid.

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Similarly, actor Prince David Osei seeing the Kumawood producers showing their distaste to the rampant soap operas on our TV stations supported their movement. To him, if the TV stations is to continue showing the Telenovelas, some of them will be out of jobs soon.

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The next person to add her voice to the growing canker is our very own actress, Yvonne Okoro. In her instagram post, she wrote:


Am so happy that people are talking about it FINALLY..What stories are these Mexican,Indian telenovelas telling that we havnt told already and retold over and over AGAIN…Is it a poor girl meets a rich man story..Big deal We have Done it over and over..I guess wat they say is true Africans believe everything BLACK is SUB STANDARD!!!

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