Instagram Discloses Why Hushpuppi’s Account Is Still Active

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Popular social media platform, Instagram has revealed why infamous Nigerian internet fraudster, Hushpuppi’s account is still active despite being remanded over allegations of engaging in fraudulent activities.

Hushpuppi is known in real life as Ramon Abbas has currently been detained in the United States for financial offenses which have to do with internet scamming to which he has pleaded guilty to the charges leveled against him.

The popular Instagram celebrity is said to be facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges against him and is said to be sentenced in late October 2021.

Instagram has however stated that Hushpuppi can continue to use his account so far as he doesn’t represent any dangerous organization or individual.

The social media platform has indicated that it has established a process with law enforcement and a policy on takedown requests of inmates’ accounts in the case of prisoners being active on the platform.

The infamous internet fraudster is having 2.5 million followers since June 2020 and just recently his followers marked his 39th birthday on September 4.

Instagram stated that Hushpuppi can be free or continue to use his account “unless directed otherwise from law enforcement in the US, where he is awaiting sentencing.”

The social media platforms added that Hushpuppi does not fall under the categories which validate account removal.

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