Interesting: “A Man Is More Likely To Get A Woman’s Phone Number If He Is Accompanied By A Dog”

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The Twittersphere is characteristically buzzing as it emerged from @Fact on the platform that a man is more likely to get a woman’s number when they are accompanied by a dog.

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Men have the penchant for asking for ladies numbers when they take a stroll around and see a beautiful woman out there.

Majority of them either get refused or are given the wrong number which does not go through when they get home and decide to call back.

@Fact is one handle on Twitter that occasionally tweets interesting facts about life, some of which are weird but existent in life.

The dog is a safe companion of man and everyone would want to keep a dog.

Some people are often found in town walking with their dogs, is it that they already knew of this interesting fact as being given by @Fact?

If you’ve been refused numbers by ladies when you ask for them, you get the chance to get a few now. How? Go get a dog and walk around with it. @Fact says you stand a better chance of getting a woman’s number on the streets when you do.

Twitter freaks shared their thought on the matter.

See some below;

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