Iona Showers Praises On Nana Tea, Offers Her Services For Free After He Helped A Pregnant Woman Off The Street(+PHOTOS)

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One of Ghana’s favorite Facebook influencers, Nana Tea has once again won the admiration of Ghananaians with his philanthropic works after helping a pregnant woman.
This time his actions captured the attention of musician and midwife, Iona Reine.

Nana Tea and his wife and two kids
Nana Tea, his wife and twin boys

Nana Tea had taken to Facebook to narrate how he helped the pregnant who was hawking on the street despite her condition.

He wrote;

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Update on the pregnant woman selling at the traffic light at Awoshie junction.
By the grace of God and through your shares , one lady ( @Manye Ameyohi) n one guy(Andy)dedicated yesterday to search for her.
When the lady got there, she wasn’t around so she used the video to search but they all kept saying , she’s new at the place n none of them have her phone number till she was directed to one woman (the one introduced her to the place)
Fast forward, I had conversations with her and the husband.
What brought her to the street is that, she took a loan from a loan company to do business but didn’t go as planned and they were also on her neck for their money.

She is almost in her 9th months but she has no choice than to come n sell the Tiger-nuts. What you see her carrying, she also took it on credit so after selling , she goes to pay it off n the loan as well weekly to avoid the loan people from chasing her. Because of the pressure, she moved all the way from Kwabenya to Awoshie to hawk.
So this was how i handled it, we went to the loan office to pay it off so that she can be at peace without them coming to chase her and be off the street since it’s too dangerous for her and the unborn baby.

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they lack a lot of items before and after delivery , so we bought all the things on the hospital list n added some few provisions and some lil token to cushion them a lil bit.
The husband is very supportive just that things are not going well for him.

He does laborer work but according to him, it’s been slow for him. He was even paying the loan before things went bad for him.He’s ready to do any job if given the opportunity. If you haven’t been there, I won’t understand.

They called me several times just to say thank You coz they said, they never knew God can come through for them like this. The husband said, the wife knelt down around the things we bought and was praising God for making this happen coz they least expected it.
My mom went through similar experiences before her demise, I was very young when she passed on. what I couldn’t do for her , if only I have means , I will stretch my hands to other women.
Thanks y’all for making this possible.
What God cannot do does not exist…
Alpharian.. everyday Day with God”.

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Reacting to this in the comments session, Iona Reins offered to help the woman free delivery at the hospital she works. She went ahead to shower praises on Nana Tea for always coming to the aid of the less privileged.

See photos below;


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