Is 1 Guy 2 Spoons story fake or real? reactions and Reddit discussions

A video surfaced on the internet titled, ‘1 guy 2 spoons’ which went viral on the internet and freaked people out, and now people are asking whether the video is real or not.

The video initially was posted on YouTube and in fact, it is very disturbing to watch but most people on social media rapidly shared it across various platforms and the reactions are quite alarming.

In this blog post, we will shed light on everything regarding the video but the question is the 1 guy 2 spoons fake or real?

1 Guy 2 Spoons
1 Guy 2 Spoons

1 Guy 2 Spoons video fake or real?

You might be wondering what is all about 1 guy 2 spoons but the truth is not a game or meme however it’s a guy who is seen in a video popping out his eye with a spoon. You are warned should in case you want to search for it online.

People on TikTok have sent cautious to others on the video-sharing platform not to Google the term “1 guy 2 spoons” or either watch it and if you date to try then don’t think about it because it’s creepy.

The reactions from people who have watched the video seem to be baffled because it’s very weird seeing someone removing his eyes and yes it sounds scary and not to think about watching it.

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1 Guy 2 Spoons on YouTube

A guy posted the video on YouTube titled, “1 Guy 2 Spoons” and the video is about a guy who pops out his eyeballs with the help of spoons

A guy with a YouTube name, EARYONCE TV attempted to watch it but he claims he couldn’t complete watching the video because it was creepy and some Reddit users have shared their opinions after watching the video.

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