Is Matthew Gray Gubler Married? What Is His Relationship Status?

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Matthew Gray Gubler is an actor and director best known for his role as Dr. Spencer Reid on the hit crime drama “Criminal Minds.” Gubler has been a fan favorite for years, with his charm and talent winning over audiences everywhere.

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Matthew Gray Gubler Wife

Matthew Gray Gubler

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Matthew Gray Gubler is such a fine gentleman who is most liked by every woman. He has a history of dating beautiful ladies in his lifetime. Since then, fans have been yearning to know whether the actor had a wife or not. Let’s clear his dating history now.

Eve Wind 

Matthew Gray Gubler’s relationship with Eve Wind came public in the early 2000s but not much has been known about the lives of the two couples even after their relationship came to an end.

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Charlotte Kemp Muhl

Matthew dated Charlotte Kemp Muhl in 2004. Model Charlotte is well-known for her friendships with Steven Klein, Greg Kade, and Ellen Von Unwerth. A little more than a year passed during the relationship. Before splitting up in 2005, he made a number of red carpet appearances with Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

Nobody is aware of what transpired between them. At the age of 16, Muhl became the youngest model to appear on the covers of the British magazines Queen and Harper’s. Muhl is presently dating Sean Lennon, the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

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Kat Dennings

One of Matthew Gray Gubler’s most well-known romances was with Kat Dennings. Most people assumed they were married because of it. Kat is renowned for her roles in the films Thor and Two Broke Girls. The couple dated in 2007 and are still close friends.


Marisa Morris

Matthew started dating Marisa Morris in the year 2008. This one lasted longer than the majority of his other relationships. Marissa was 20 when they began dating, although Matthew was 27.


Victoria Asher

Matthew moved on from Marisa to the guitarist for Cobra Starship Victoria Asher in 2010. Victoria Asher and Matthew Gray Gubler’s relationship and reasons for splitting up are not well known. After splitting up with Victoria, he began dating Ali Michael.

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Matthew Gray Gubler and Taylor Swift

In 2013, he was said to have been seeing Taylor Swift after Ali Michaels. They were seen together during Taylor Swift’s Red tour. Matthew joined her at her Fourth of July celebration. The duration of the affair is unknown. They nevertheless made a charming couple.


Is Matthew Grey Gubler In A Relationship?

Matthew Gray Gubler has a history of dating numerous women in Hollywood and beyond. However, his current relationship status is currently unknown. He hasn’t yet discussed it openly with anyone or any media house.


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