Is Todd Chrisley Gay? Here’s What We Know

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Todd Chrisley is better known as an American reality TV star who has gained popularity as a result of his show, Chrisley Knows Best. In the show, he and his family are known for their lavish lifestyle, family, and Christian values.

The famous personality has been rumored to be gay for years now and in this article, we’ll dive deep into it whether he’s indeed gay or not.

Meanwhile, Todd and his wife, Julie were indicted in 2019 by a grand jury for bank fraud, tax evasion, conspiracy, and wired fraud. In June 2022 Todd and Julie were convicted for their crimes including obstruction of justice and now they’ve been sentenced to 12 years and seven years in federal prison respectively for conspiracy to defraud banks.

Todd Chrisley Gay
Todd Chrisley

Who is Todd Chrisley?

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Michael Todd Chrisley is known as an American TV reality show who was born on April 6th, 1969 in Georgia, United States of America, and as of 2022 he is 53 years old and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America.

He holds American nationality and his ethnicity is White. He believes in Christianity and his zodiac sign is Aries.

Todd Chrisley profession

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Todd Chrisley is an entrepreneur and real estate investor who started his investing before he became a reality TV personality. He has worked with the Federal National Mortgage Association where his contract allows him to flip houses and resell them to make a profit.

His real estate company, Chrisley & Company aims at asset management, retail, media, and entertainment Investments. In 2018 the housing market crisis struck his subsidiary company Chrisley Asset management and was left with a $30 million loan which he guaranteed but he couldn’t afford to pay leading him into bankruptcy.

As a media personality, Todd Chrisley and his family started a reality TV show known as Chrisley Knows Best, in 2014 which followed their family including his mother covering their over-the-top drama and lavish lifestyle.

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The reality TV star has earned money from advertising, brand endorsements, and public appearances since he started the show.

Is Todd Chrisley gay?

Todd Chrisley’s sexuality has been caught up in speculations despite his maintaining that he’s not gay. He has five children from three women.

According to him, he has no problem with gay people and added that he understands why the public interpreted his lavish lifestyle and love for fashion as being gay.

Did Todd Chrisley have a boyfriend?

It was rumored that Todd Chrisley had a boyfriend however there’s no proof of such allegations and he also came out to deny it. The reality TV star has been married to his wife Julie for 26 years and they have three children together namely Grayson, Chase, and Savannah.

He was previously married to Teresa Terry from 1989 to 1996 as their marriage came up after Teresa got pregnant at 18 years and their union brought forth two children, Lindsie and Kyle.

Unfortunately, their union hit the rock as they divorced in 1996 as a result of Todd being abusive and controlling during their marriage. She allegedly left him following an incident of domestic violence in 1994.

During their divorce, they also battle the custody of their kids which ran simultaneously with their divorce proceedings but in 1996 they both finalized and they were granted joint custody of their children.

Who is Todd Chrisley’s gay lover?

The reality TV star’s former business partner, Mark Braddock claimed that he was the gay lover of Todd and he contended that he has had a sexual relationship with the American entrepreneur.

Todd and Mark worked at Chrisley Asset Management (CAM). Mark opened up in his testimony that he had an affair in the early 2000s before he became an employee of CAM. Their affair allegedly lasted a year before they broke up. The two were married throughout their affair.

Their friendship went south in 2012 when Todd Chrisley fired Mark Braddock and threatened to report him to the police for theft however Mark feeling scorned reported Todd to the FBI for a long list of financial crimes and also testified during the trial of Todd’s crimes.


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