Is Tom Selleck married? Who is the actor’s partner?

Is Tom Selleck married? This is the question on your mind that has landed you here, and we are glad to provide you with answers as we have always done.

To give you a very short answer, to your question: is Tom Selleck married? The answer is yes, he is happily married.

And there is more juice for you regarding Tom Selleck’s marriage, something that you would want to see including who that beautiful wife of Tom Selleck’s is.

I shall take you on the journey to discover more about To Selleck, his life, his wife and how he met the love of his life whom she has shared a home for some three decades and still counting.

So is Tom Selleck married/ The answer is yes. To whom is Tom Selleck Married?

Tom Selleck is married to Jillie Joan Mack.

Before Selleck married Mack, he was married to model Jacqueline Ray from 1971-1982.

Your question; is Tom Selleck married has been answered, but who is Tom Selleck?

Get familiar with him below.

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Who is Tom Selleck?

is Tom Selleck married
Tom Selleck | Image source | Gossip Gist

Thomas William Selleck was born on January 29, 1945.

He is an American actor and film producer.

His breakout role was playing private investigator Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I. (1980–1988).

Since 2010, Selleck has co-starred as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the series Blue Bloods, and the show has been renewed for its twelfth season in 2021–2022.

Beginning in 2005, he has portrayed troubled small-town police chief Jesse Stone in nine made-for-TV movies based on the Robert B. Parker novels.

He was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1945, to Martha Selleck and Robert Dean Selleck who was an executive and real estate investor.

He has an older brother Robert (born 1944), a younger sister Martha (born 1954), and a younger brother Daniel (born 1950).

His father was of primarily English ancestry but had distant German ancestry as well, while his mother was of English descent.

Through an entirely paternal line, Selleck is a direct descendant of English colonist David Selleck who moved to Massachusetts from Somerset, England, in 1633.

Through this line, Selleck is the 11th generation of his family born in North America.

Selleck’s family moved to Sherman Oaks, California, in 1948.

Selleck graduated from Grant High School in 1962 and enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College, living at home and saving money.

Selleck’s first television appearance was as a college senior on The Dating Game in 1965 and again in 1967.

Soon after, he appeared in commercials for products such as Pepsi-Cola.

He began his career with bit parts in smaller movies, including Myra Breckinridge (invited on the set by Mae West), Coma, and The Seven Minutes. He appeared in a number of TV series, mini-series, and TV movies.

Below is a brief profile of Tom Selleck:

  • Full name: Thomas William Selleck
  • Date of birth: 29th January 1945
  • Age: 76 years old as of 2021
  • Marital status: Married
  • Wife: Jillie Joan Mack
  • Tom Selleck wife age: 63 years as of 2021
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Actor
  • Tom Selleck height: 1.93 m

Who is Tom Selleck wife, Jillie Joan Mack?

Is Tom Selleck married
Tom Selleck and wife, Mack | Image source | Wide Open Country

Jillie Joan Mack, Selleck’s wife was born on 25th December 1957 in Wiltshire, England.

She started developing a love for dancing and acting from a young age. She had a breakthrough with her role as Rumpleteazer in the successful Cats musical.

After moving to the USA, she has appeared in several movies and series, including Magnum PI as Sally, Silverfox as Joanie, Frasier, and Police Story.

The actress was a 25-year-old dancer for the Cats musical when she met the then 38-year-old Tom, a divorcee who was filming on location in England in 1983.

After her contract with the Cats concluded, she left London for Hawaii to be with Tom. They later had a secret wedding in 1987 and have been together ever since.

How long is Tom Selleck married?

Is Tom Selleck married
Tom and Selleck | Image source | MySportDab

On August 7, 1987, Selleck married Jillie Joan Mack born in 1957.

They have one daughter, Hannah, who was born on December 16, 1988.

So, how long is Tom Selleck married to Jillie Mack now?

The couple has been married for 34 years now.



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