It Is Fatally Wrong and Preposterous to Have a Wedding Ceremony at Home – Sylvester Assan

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Sylvester Assan, a private lawyer has opined that, it is illegal to hold official marriage ceremonies at home.

Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare,  Presidential Advisor on Health suggested on air, that wedding ceremonies be held in homes. This alternative solution he proposed came after the President’s ban on social gatherings, including weddings.

“We are not saying you can’t have marriages. You can go to the house of your family or the girl’s family and then get married. Make sure you don’t have a large crowd there to cause any problems for us, and you follow the protocols,” Dr. Nsiah-Asare said to the media.

Sylvester Assan vehemently opposed this in reference to the law, saying,  “This is purely about the law. It is fatally wrong and preposterous to say that you can have your marriage at home and I want to say that to celebrate marriages and weddings at home, if that is customary or traditional marriage at home then there is no problem with that but if that marriage is to be done under the ordinance or what people call church marriage or under the marriage officers certificate, then that marriage cannot be done at home.”

“You cannot ask the bishop or the head of the church to come and celebrate a marriage in your house, it cannot happen under the Act because your home is not licensed to celebrate a marriage,” he further explained.

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