“It’s Beautiful When Someone You Love Tells You They Love Someone Else” –Yvonne Nelson

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The famous love quote; “It’s painful to watch someone you love, love someone else”, has always made the rounds, and shared by lovers; but to Yvonne Nelson, painful as it is, it is also beautiful!

Not many people would be able to stand it when they are told by someone they have an undying love for that they are seeing someone else.

Yvonne Nelson’s assertion would raise a few eyebrows, but she went on to explain that it is painful, admittedly, but what makes it beautiful is the fact that they have been frank with you about their feelings for you.

Most people would just pretend to have the same kind of love for you once you profess your love for them, but in reality, they’re seeing, and are in love with other people, but won’t let you know for whatever reason.

For Yvonne Nelson, this would allow you to immediately walk away to prevent any heartbreak when your love gets intense to the point you can’t stand being sent away.

Yvonne Nelson made this assertion in a tweet where she wrote:

Do you know what’s painful, but beautiful? When someone you love tells you, they love someone else“.

Do you side with Yvonne Nelson, given the reason she has given to back her assertion?

How would you take it when someone you love so much tells you that they love someone else?

See the tweet by Yvonne Nelson below;

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