It’s my first Oscars, I really wanted to make the most out of it – Tems on her ‘parachute’ gown

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Nigerian singer Tems has finally explained why she wore the controversial white outfit to the Oscars event.

Recall that Tems made headlines after she wore a dress that blocked the view of other audience gathered in the auditorium.

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Explaining why she wore her white dress to Oscars award night Harper’s Bazaar, Tems disclosed that she wanted to “go all out” and also wanted to look extraordinary for the event since it was her first Academy Awards experience.

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Two years ago, I would’ve said no to this dress,” she said. “But it’s my first Oscars — I am going to go all out. I really wanted to make the most of the day. The dress is also my way of celebrating my work and the people around me, celebrating my country, and celebrating the people that are rooting for me. This dress says ‘Yes, yes, I am here!’”

Tems further stated that the global attention she’s receiving including landing an Oscar nomination only proves to her the efforts she is making are paying off.

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“If the biggest women in the world love my work to such an extent that they are working with me, then that must say something. My work is actually reaching places, it’s making some type of impact.”

“And that is insane! I really am just trying to keep my feet on the ground and continue running and doing things that are a hundred per cent authentic to me. Evolving, learning, growing. It’s just the beginning for me,” the ‘Higher’ hitmaker said.



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