“I’ve been having a lot of s3kx in my dreams” – Duncan Williams’ son fears spiritual marriage

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‘I’m worried about my dreams lately,’ Daniel Duncan Williams, the son of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, has voiced concern over recent dreams he’s been experiencing.

Daniel said in a tweet that he has been having sex in his dreams and then wakes up because he has been experiencing one of the most immoral nightmares he has been having on a daily basis.

Individuals who experience such dreams (in which they have sexual encounters) are said to be dealing with a spiritual marriage, according to popular belief.

Alternatively, it may occur if a person desires sexual contact with someone but is unable to have it, and as a result, the instant they are exposed to pornographic material, the scenes from the content are carried into their dreams.

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In Daniel’s instance, we are unable to determine what is triggering his disturbing nightdreams. According to his tweet, the former rapper is in need of assistance and hence wants to be free.

Daniel Duncan, the son of Archbishop Duncan Williams


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