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Yes, this is a twist of events here. I have always insisted that celebrities and brands need to have Online presence managers or social media experts like myself manaing their presence on the internet. You might be a fan of Jackie Appiah’s page that has been verified but not managed by her. Don’t go unliking it yet, because, things could turn around soon.

If you would recall, n Sunday, June 29, 2014, the popular Ghanaian celebrity news site www.ameyawdebrah.com run an article about the verification of John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah’s Facebook pages. In the article, it was mentioned that Jackie Appiah had confirmed she was not the one behind the verified page and it is an Indian man who once approached her. She also mentioned her gratefulness to the individual for not using the page for any scandalous activity. If you missed that article, click here to read it

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In the wake if this, the creator of this page has come out to rectify a number of errors. The young man who requested that his identity be kept secret stated that he was amused when he read the article. “I understand how a misunderstanding like this can happen. Mine is not the only Jackie Appiah fan page out there and I believe one of the other creators got in touch with her. But they didn’t create the verified account. I did. I also created the John Dumelo account that has been verified.” He went on to point out that the difference between the two celebrity pages is that he was able to get in touch with John Dumelo a few years back to hand over the page to him; an opportunity he is yet to have with the Jackie Appiah account.

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“In 2009, I realized the importance of brand pages on Facebook so I created numerous fan pages for brands and celebrities I liked. This was long before most of them discovered Facebook”,  he told us. “I am in Social Media Marketing, so I understand how this works. I have never used any of these pages to personally deceive people into believing I am the brand or celebrity in question. I know a lot of people who create fake accounts do that but that was never my intention. I wanted to give those people a formidable online presence and I did. And I am definitely not an Indian. I am Ghanaian”, he added. The Social Media Specialist behind these pages said he created the Jackie Appiah pages and others at 19 when he was waiting to enter University after high school. When we asked him which other brands he had created that we may know, he was only willing to mention the ones that he had been able to hand over to the rightful owners. Besides the Jackie Appiah and John Dumelo pages, he also created pages for Shirley Frimping-Manso, Charterhouse, Lydia Forson, Nana Yaw Osei Sarpong and International Central Gospel Church, all of which are now run by the brands and celebrities themselves.

“I am still trying to get in touch with other celebrities to hand over the Facebook pages to them. All pages I have created are doing better than other fake accounts and even real ones the celebrities are running themselves. It is not a coincidence. I do this social media stuff for a living”, he finished with a laugh.

Ghbase.com has also observed that Jackie Appiah herself has created her own new page with about 32,000(SEE JACKIES REAL NEW PAGE) likes already and can confirm that, she owns it, because it is linked to her website and her website linked to it. However, i was fortunate enough to have found out the mastermind behind all the big celebrity pages, and chatting with him, he isn’t that harmful at all and has expressed willingness to handover the account to Jackie Appiah, if they are interested in getting it back at his own little terms of conditions. Being curious about this whole Jackie Appiah fake page thing, i spoke to Jackie and she disclosed to me that, she owned the page and it was hacked from her, so the person should just send her the login details. She had even suspected that, I Chris Handler was the same person who had created the page and trying to fraud her in someway. I had to explain the need for her to make contact with the page creator but she still insisted, the person should just give her the page back. From the conversations, i had with her, she would have been more than happy to have and control that verified page, i mean who does not want a verified page with 880,000 plus likes already. She would be the next Ghanaian to hit 1 million likes, should she fight for the page.

So for Jackie to get her page she has only to options,
1. The easier way, just contact the boy who created it, so he gives her full ownership of the page then she can merge it with the current one she owns.

2. This one also  works somehow. Report the page to Facebook as her intellectual property, and she would be contacted by Facebook to prove that she is actually the real representative or official owner. She could be asked to use documents and only she can give those documents.

So it’s all up to Jackie Appiah to make that choice, because irrespective of what the boy did, he has never used it to deceive anyone but has rather helped her by getting it big and verified. Like i said, the boy wants to remain anonymous.  I did my research and found him out, and have already told Jackie Appiah how to contact him. Let’s see what happens, trust Ghbase.com to follow up on this story and let you know when Jackie claims the page or just decides to let it go.

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