James Jaronczyk Death And Obituary

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James Jaronczyk death is one that has shocked many people as the young man, 28, was doing well and enjoying his life. The announcement of his death prompted many of his fans to ask about his obituary.

Given that he had gone missing for a number of days, apparently, some people would not believe until they see his body or obituary to be convinced that the sad information about his passing was indeed true.

James Jaronczyk, 28, a competitor in the Bracket 700 class, vanished at sea late on Sunday afternoon off the coast of Long Island, New York, and was last seen on his 22-foot Progression Nauti Boyz race boat.

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Members of the offshore powerboat racing fraternity across the country held out hope that Jaronczyk would be discovered alive.

However, those aspirations were dashed today when his body was discovered, according to reports from News 12, a regional television news network serving Suffolk County.

Who Was James Jaronczyk?

James Jaronczyk death has come at a loss to a lot of people. He was involved in offshore powerboat racing and was described as a hard-charging charismatic racer.

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He was 28 years old at the time of his death.

Ed Smith, the president of the Offshore Powerboat Association, described him as “an amazing young man.”

James Jaronczyk Death

James Jaronczykk
James Jaronczykk

What caused James Jaronczyk death? He disappeared at sea in his 22-foot Progression Nauti Boyz race boat late Sunday afternoon.

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Apparently, he died at sea after going missing for days and his body was found this morning.

That has got to be a painful one, and many of his colleagues have since been pained by his sad passing.

Fellow competitor, Julian Maldonado, said after learning of his passing, “I chased him around many times and vice-versa, and it always was a great time—especially after—regardless of who ended up with the checkered flag”. “In one of my first races, I went flying out of my 22-foot Velocity when my driver tried to sneak inside him on turn No. 2 in Morehead City (N.C.). “More than competition, he was a brother,” he continued. “I’m relieved for his family and friends that he was found. May he rest in peace.”

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“I would like to thank all the friends and family that have given so much of their time to assist in finding James,” Ed Smith said. “Our hearts go out to his family for their terrible loss,” he added.

Despite not having faced off against Jaronczyk, seasoned offshore racer Johnny Saris of Bolton Landing, New York, called him “the very definition of larger than life.” Jaronczyk’s “contagious enthusiasm,” both on and off the water, was lauded by Saris.


Still in shock, the family would like to be given some privacy in this difficult moment. As of now, no James Jaronczyk obituary has been spotted anywhere.

When they become available, Jaronczyk’s funeral plans will be made public.


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