Jay Z Buys His Favorite Champagne Brand And You Won’t Believe The Price

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How would it feel if you could just buy something you love soo much, not just a single of it but the whole of it. Let’s say you love pizza and your favorite pizza joint is Eddys Pizza and you have the money to actually buy the whole Eddys pizza company!

You do get the feeling right? Yes, Jay Z just did a similar thing. The American Hip pop rapper has acquired a champagne brand which is his favorite brand, the gilded Armand de Brignac (nicknamed “Ace of Spades”) brand of bubbly, which retails for $300 a pop but can go as high as $200,000.

The rapper according to Billboard.com the Jay’s new company to represent the champagne brand has still not been disclosed but spokesperson for Sovereign told the New York Times in an emailed statement that the Brooklyn native “made us an offer we simply couldn’t refuse.” A representative from Jay Z’s Roc Nation did not return a request for comment at press time.

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Jay Z, who is a best selling artist, owns a label, an entertainment mogul, sports agent is said to be worth over $500 million according to Forbes.com


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