Jeana Smith: Bio, Net Worth, Height, YouTube, Age

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YouTube has become not just a place to have fun, but to also make a living as many people like Jeana Smith have taken advantage to build a career. As one of the successful young people making it on the platform, what is Jeana’s net worth? What are her height and age?

For us here, it is the efforts of young people in making their lives meaningful that excites us; it is the reason we would spend time talking about the life and achievements of young people like Jeana Smith. Who is the YouTube Star? Get to learn more about her here.


Jeana Smith YouTube

American YouTuber and social media celebrity Jeana Smith, who was given the name Jennifer Smith, has achieved great popularity.

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Steve and Harilyn Sue gave birth to Jeana as Jennifer Smith in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

Jeana graduated first in her class from Rowan University in New Jersey and holds a degree in that institution.

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Jason is her brother’s name. Ovarian cancer caused their mother’s death in 1996.

What is Jeana Smith age? How old is she?

Well, the age of a person really matters but what is much more important is how well they have lived in all those years that they have lived.

Jeana Smith Age

The YouTuber was born on March 15, 1983, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as such, she is 39 years old now. She is approaching her fourth decade of life and it is safe to say that she has done quite a lot for herself as a YouTuber. What is Jeana Smith height? Is Jeana Smith height that important? Well, it is. So how tall is the YouTuber?

She is currently about 5 feet 3 inches tall. She is quite tall and not as short as you may have thought.

Jeana Smith YouTube

Jeana Smith

Her career was mainly built on YouTube. How did it all happen?

For quite a while now, Jeana has been using YouTube. She is well-known for her challenges, pranks, BF vs GF videos, trip vlogs, and Jenuine videos. Along with her then-boyfriend and current partner, Jesse Wellens, she is renowned for her originality, humorous material, and pet videos.

She is the owner and operator of the Jen Smith channel, which she uses to distribute her video content.

After all these years and with the hard work that she has put into building her YouTubing career, what is Jeana Smith net worth? Has she made that much money? Let’s find out.

Jeana Smith Net Worth

It is always good having fun and make money out of the fun. Many young people these days would waste their time on things that they could be making money with. For Jeana, it was a time well spent as she sought to make money out of the fun she was having in creating funny videos to excite her subscribers.

For her efforts, Jeana has made quite a lot of money with sources quoting her net worth to be around $5.5 million.

Her YouTube channel Jen Smith currently has a subscriber count of up to 8.44M. She has since created and uploaded 1,964 videos.

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