Joel Osteen Net Worth; How Much Does He Earn?

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Pastors’ earnings have come into focus these past few years, owing to the plush lifestyles that some of them have become known for. Today, we look into how much one of the most famous of these pastors earns. What is Joel Osteen net worth?

You may have wondered to yourself how much this famous pastor is worth, right? Today, we get to tell you all there is to know about the money that he makes from his role as a pastor bringing many to Christ.

It is safe to say that as he brings many lost souls to Christ, that brings money into his pocket to make the work easier for him.

Who is Joel Osteen? We cannot just jump into Joel Osteen net worth without knowing who he really is and what he does. That is why we have put something together detailing his profile and how he has risen to the top that he is now.


Joel Osteen
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Joel Scott Osteen, better known as Joel Osteen, was born to John Osteen and Dolores Pilgrim on March 5, 1963, in Texas, United States. Joel was one of five children.

His father founded the Lakewood Church as a former pastor.

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He went to Humble High School to finish his education and graduated in 1981.

He subsequently moved on to Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma to get his bachelor’s degree.

That is a summary of the profile/biography of Joel Osteen.

How did he become a pastor?

His father, John Osteen was the founder of the church he manages now. Joel became the main pastor of the Lakewood church after his father died in 1999.

Career Beginnings As a Pastor of The Lakewood Church

Joel Osteen Net Worth

Joel Osteen net worth was all made through his preaching and sale of books. How did his preaching career begin?

Following his father’s death, Joel Osteen began preaching.

His talk was favourably welcomed by the congregation, and the congregation grew to 43,000 people.

He subsequently relocated the church to Compaq Center and rebuilt it to accommodate a larger congregation. Every week, millions of people across the world tune in to the Lakewood church television program, which is hosted by him.

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In 2006, he was named on Barbara Walter’s list of the 100 most fascinating individuals.

He is the author of several books, including Your Best Life Now and Become a Better You.

He has also made appearances on television programmes such as Words of Art and The Star.

With the popularity of his church and the messages that he often preaches, what is Joel Osteen net worth now?

Joel Osteen Family

On April 4, 1987, Osteen married Victoria Osteen, who would eventually become a co-pastor at Lakewood Church.

They are the parents of two children, a boy and a girl.

In 2002, his older siblings Paul, Lisa, and Tamara, as well as his younger sister April, were all full-time ministers, and his half-brother Justin was a missionary.

Joel Osteen net worth did not come on the cheap. There has been a lot of criticism of his style of preaching over the years.

Criticisms of Joel’s messages

Joel Osteen

Some criticize Osteen’s sermons and writings for preaching prosperity theology, or the prosperity gospel, which holds that material riches are God’s will for all pious Christians.

On October 14, 2007, “60 Minutes” aired a 12-minute story titled “Joel Osteen Responds to His Critics,” in which Reformed theologian Michael Horton informed CBS News correspondent Byron Pitts that Osteen’s doctrine is heresy.

The problem with Osteen’s teaching, according to Horton, is that it makes religion about us rather than God.

Wel, that is so much information about Joel Osteen now, let us shift the focus to his net worth, shall we?

Joel Osteen Net Worth

Joel Osteen net worth has been quoted variedly by several portals. But according to Wikipedia, Osteen’s net worth is reported to be over $50 million, with his church bringing in $43 million in annual collections.

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