Joey Buttafuoco Net Worth: Get The Details Here

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His fame was a result of an affair with 16-year-old, Amy Fisher, which gained a lot of attention and almost marred his reputation as a respected auto shop owner, but what is Joey Buttafuoco net worth?

In this article, we shall talk about the net worth of Joey Buttafuoco the auto body shop. What do you know about him? His life was almost marred by an affair with a girl that didn’t go well, but that incident catapulted him to fame.

No one wants to get famous through such means but what happened led to people getting to know him a bit more and that has contributed to the growth of his business and went on to earn him roles in acting and television appearances.

Joey Buttafuoco Net Worth: Biography

Joey Buttafuoco
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American Joey Buttafuoco runs a body shop in Nassau County, New York. Buttafuoco was born in Massapequa, New York, on March 11, 1956. He was a Massapequa High School student.

In 1991, after Amy Fisher, then 16 years old, brought her automobile to Buttafuoco’s auto body shop in Baldwin, New York, he started an affair with her while operating his auto body shop in Nassau County, New York.

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Unknown to Joey Buttafuoco, that affair was his undoing as their affair led to several serious issues including the shooting of his wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco by the minor Amy Fisher.

Several issues played out in the law process and Joey had to go to jail. After spending four months and nine days of his six-month jail term, he was allowed to leave.

All this while there was nothing adding up to Joey Buttafuoco net worth as no money was been made.

What did happen was that the affair and subsequent happenings made Joey popular and that was the beginning of some good things to happen to him after that near-destruction by the affair with the minor Amy Fisher.

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The auto body shop owner did become popular.

Because of the extensive media coverage of the Fisher shooting trial, Buttafuoco gained a little degree of notoriety afterwards.

Buttafuoco routinely made appearances in tabloids and offered several interviews to the media across all platforms.

His name was frequently used on “Late Night with David Letterman,” where it was used as a joke, and he was also the subject of countless “Saturday Night Live” parodies.

The 1993 performance of Madonna on “SNL” was one of the most noteworthy references.

She tore up a picture of Buttafuoco at the conclusion of her performance as a parody of Sinead O’Connor’s act from a year earlier, in which she tore up a picture of the Pope.

Has this popularity done anything to Joey Buttafuoco net worth? We will see.

Additionally, Buttafuoco was mentioned as harming the interests of Joeys in an episode of the hit television program “Friends.” When Buttafuoco made the decision to take part in “Celebrity Boxing” in 2002, he returned to the public eye.

John Wayne Bobbitt was originally scheduled to fight him, but the opponent line-up was abruptly changed after Bobbitt was detained for domestic violence.

Then he engaged in combat with professional wrestler Joanie “Chyna” Laurer. Buttafuoco won the battle in spite of the jeers.

Joey Buttafuoco Net Worth

Joey Buttafuoco net worth

The American auto body shop owner in Nassau County, New York, Joey Buttafuoco net worth is estimated to be $20 thousand. He earned this money from his auto body dealing and the handful of television appearances he made after he became popular.

Joey is currently married to Evanka Franjko after divorcing Mary Jo Buttafuoco.

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