Johannes Vermeer Cause of death

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Johannes Vermeer is a renowned American painter born in October 1632 at Mercantile Dutch town of Delft to Reijnier Jansz who was a cloth weaver, innkeeper and art an art dealer and His mother Digna Baltic was an illiterate housewife.

Early Life and Education

Johannes doesn’t attain any formal education but he enrolled as an apprentice painter. He learned the work very well and soon became a popular painter of his time.

Due to lack of technological enhancements, where he obtained his training skills from is not documented. But many believed that he learned the painting work at Rembrandt’s Star Pupil Carel Fabritius center and he learned it from Delft-born and Guild of St Luke-bred painter Pieter Van Groebwegen.

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His training at Guild of St Luke helped him to get vivid offers, patrons, and has numerous connections to advance his career . His early works portrayed the influence of masters such as Rembrandt, the Italian Caravaggio in addition to Utrecht Caravaggisti painters such as Gerrit van Honthorst and Dirck van Baburnen.

Later in 1662, he became the head of the Guild of St Luke which made him to be close contacteith several Ddlft patrons, artists and collectors. The position established him as a well respected painter.

Johannes Vermeer relationship status

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Johannes Vermeer found love in Catherina Bolnes who is the daughter of a well-to-do Catholic family in Delft. They went through several difficult times since their parents were resistant to their love affair due to their opposing religions.

Johannes Vermeer
Johannes Vermeer

Since their parents are not in support of their marriage, Johannes turned to be a believer in the catholic faith finally got married to Catherina in 1653. Johannes became very popular through his marriage to Catherina. The couple lived in the house of Catherina’s father which made Johannes to limit his contact with his family.

In 1663 when Johannes was away from the house, his wife’s absent and aggressive brother called Willem physically attacked the pregnant Catherina. Threatening to stab her with a pointed metal stick but was served by their maidservant.

Johannes Vermeer Cause of Death

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1672 was a terrible year in the history of Dutch when the middle- class country was invaded by the French, German and the British. This invasion lead to the economic hardship in the country. This affected the work of Johannes to the extent that he finds it so difficult to afford his family’s basic needs. He took on increasing amounts of debt, borrowing thousands of guilders and was even caught pocketing his mother-in-law’s money.

Due to all the hardships and shameful acts of Johannes, he never felt relaxed since the invasion of the Dutch. On December 16, 1675, Johannes Vermeer passed on as a result of madness and depression.

Johannes Vermeer legacy

Due to the very localized fame during his lifetime, Johannes seemed to disappear from the art industry until the 9th century when French artists in the manner of Édouard Manet began to look back to the real and unpretentious. Johannes became a major influence of these artists since he adept at capturing moments of ordinary beauty.

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Though there is only thirty-four of his pieces survived, Johannes is considered now to be one of the best and greatest artists of the Dutch Golden Age

In the twentieth century, the Surrealist Salvador Fali became enhanced by Johannes work and produced his own variations including The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft, The Lacemaker in 1955.

Other artists such as Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi adapted Johannes’s calm domestic interiors for their own century subjects. Recently, the anonymous British graffiti artist Banksy reinterpreted and reproduced the painting on a building in Bristol in the United Kingdom using a burglar alarm in place of the iconic pearl earrings.


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